We're creating a movement. Artists, fans and friends are coming together to make a global impact.Lets do this.

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Video: Art and Change

It’s time we pulled together to see what we’re capable of.

Love In Stereo is a non-profit program that generates charitable projects in concert with people who have a vision for change. It’s about action from both sides. We’re taking what we love and what you love and using it to make a difference in the lives that need it most. Love In Stereo is about art, artists and fans working together to change the world.

“Together we’re louder,” is the phrase we live by. Imagine what could happen when you bring creative artists together with people dedicated to social change. Imagine the change that could take place if everyone began a cause focused collaboration. There are some incredible people doing some incredible things in our world. Imagine what can happen when we all unite to make change a reality. Let’s do something awesome together.